It is convenient to locate the CLEANING zone in the centre, the zone connects cooking zone and fridge zone to have an easy access to wash food or dishes.

Let’s keep the counters of this zone clean.

Upper level is created to store dishes that need to be dried:

  1. plates, cups;

  2. at most upper level you can store glasses or medicines in sealed plastic container to prevent humidity.


Check examples of products which you can use in upstairs COOKING zone:

Medicines | CLAS OHLSON

Keittiöpyyhe | IKEA


Lower level of the COOKING zone is ideal for storing everything you touch while cooking:

  1. knives, forks, spatulas are placed into containers or are separated by drawer dividers;

  2. pans are stored with pans: one on top of each other; the same for casseroles;

  3. baking plates can be stored vertically, use shelf dividers from the recommended products.

It is advisable to buy containers of the correct sizes to store food and items properly and safely.


Everyday kitchen electronics that can be stored downstairs in COOKING zone: