I-shape kitchen


Kitchen zones in I-shape

Every kitchen consists of very typical zones marked with a certain color. In this I-shape all the zones are along one wall.

The zones illustrate how we use the drawers and cabinets, and what items we can store close to each other for an easy access and less time spent running around the kitchen.


This zone is next to the window. Traditionally it’s marked yellow. It is convenient to store here long lasting canfood. FOOD STORAGE zone is next to COOKING zone. Both zones cooperate - it’s super convenient to take necessary dressing or canfood and add it to your cooking.


This zone traditionally is marked red and also includes storage spaces for pans, saucepans, pots, casseroles, baking plates and utensils.


This zone has blue color and is located between COOKING and PREPARATION zones, so that it is convenient to take used pans, dishes, pots and put them to wash. If you use handwash - upstairs cabinet of this zone is ideal to store wet plates. Downstairs you can keep dishwashing materials and separated waste bins.

This zone is marked with grey and follows COOKING zone. Upstairs we can store plates, medicines and spices; downstairs - the zone is shared between COOKING and CLEANING zone.

This zone is traditionally marked with green and is located between CLEANING zone and FRIDGE zone, for convenient access to the food in fridge. If you like to have your counters clean here you can make an exception and place the morning-saving coffee machine and tea pot. Coffee machine, tea pot and fridge determine the zone system.

Space above fridges marked with dark navy is a good storage solution. Let’s check what we can store there.