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|| Ready to Move


Homes that have been de-cluttered before an open house could see an increase of their asking price.

A study of professional organizers in Finland states that an average Finnish home can contain over 100 000 items (etlehti 2016)

Organized Finn offers a cooperation work with your company!

Ready to Move is a special package your client can receive from you.

Special offers for “Ready to Move” clients

  • discounted organizing sessions focused solely on de-cluttering a home before listing

  • discounted gift certificates, great as a closing gift: a 3 hour unpacking and organizing session

Savings passed from you to the client

Ready to Move packages have been discounted from our typical professional organizing packages. The primary goal of these sessions are to reduce clutter, assist in packing of non-sentimental items and to help make the home walk-through ready.


Each package includes

Organized Finn specializes in de-cluttering, organizing and creating systems within the home to improve our clients' lives. Our Ready to Move packages were created with realtors and their clients in mind. We assist in prepping a home for staging and listing.

  • free in-home or virtual consultation;

  • home de-cluttering and organizing;

  • preparing to sell: de-cluttering, organizing and packing extra items;

  • preparing to move: organizing before movers arrive, assistance in packing personal or sentimental items;

  • taking of donation items to a charity of your choice (1 car load per session);

  • complete unpacking and organization services in the new home;

  • written maintenance plan customized to the client’s space.

Sessions may be purchased by you or passed to the client who may book with us directly. Packages of multiple sessions are non-transferable and may only be used by one client.


1 session

3 hours


(valued at €225)

4 sessions

12 hours


(valued at €810)

8 sessions

24 hours


(valued at €1530)

12 sessions

36 hours


(valued at €2160)

24 sessions

72 hours


(valued at €3780)