I am professional organizer Ksenia Virtanen and I am happy to meet you here in Organized Finn pages. We so want to help you create your dream home!

Here at Organized Finn, we do our best to meet our customers' expectations. The services of a professional organizer will help arrange your home or office properly, and you do not need to do all the work yourself. Using our services you will receive the latest ideas from the best organizers of the USA and Europe, detailed plans and practical help from a professional.

Forget about stress, enjoy your free time with your family and friends.


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My head was full of tidying up ideas, and I had complete confidence I can clean up any place

Marie Kondo


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Organized Finn offers a range of most valuable organizing services. We are ready to help you organize everything in your rooms and spaces so that you come to live in an organized and ready home without any stress!

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In your home or office: we do everything what we design together with the client.

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We help you organize everything in the rooms and spaces of your new home.

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Customized DIY plans, which you can put into action yourself.

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Workshops are the services you might want to order to get to know more about organizing.


Tidying orders and relaxes the mind

Marie Kondo

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|about us

Organizing is my passion and the job I love the most. I am happy to serve the best to our clients and help them to get an organized home.

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Professional organizing is a new service. On this page we want to tell you what professional organizers do and how we can help you.


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