It is convenient to locate the FOOD PREPARATION zone between fridge and sink. This will make it easier to reach and take out products and items you need on hectic daily basis.

To keep counter tops clean and free we will let only coffee machine and tea pot to stay on top in this zone.

Upper level is created to store everyday food preparation products:

  1. coffee, coffee machine filters, tea, sugars;

  2. they attract biscuits, candies, snacks to be close so that you always can easily treat your friends or little ones.

Store biscuits, candies and snacks in separate transparent containers or jars for an easy reach. You can also store a container with small packs of juices and smoothies next to snack/biscuit area.


Check examples of products which you can use in FOOD PREPARATION zone:

Coffee jar | CLAS OHLSON

Ceramic jar | CLAS OHLSON

Glass jar | CLAS OHLSON


Lower level of the food preparation zone is reserved for:

  1. cutting boards, bread and

  2. often used kitchen electronics on the bottom level.

It is advisable to buy containers of the correct sizes to store food and items properly and safely.


Everyday kitchen electronics that can be stored in FOOD PREPARATION zone: