It is convenient to locate the FOOD STORAGE zone in the opposite end from the fridge, these zones - FOOD STORAGE and FRIDGE frame the kitchen shape. Multiple layers of this zone allow to store various foods inside.

Let’s check the upper level.

Upper level is perfect for storing cans with sweet and salty canfood in containers. Using containers it will be easier to take the item from the upper level.

  1. at most upper level you can store jams, juices - usually they have smaller and lighter packaging;

  2. second level is good for salty canfood: cucumbers, olives, beans, they are usually in heavier packaging. These products are used more often and should be easily reached;

  3. the middle level is the place you can store plastic/glass containers to store the food you have cooked.


Check examples of products which you can use in upstairs FOOD STORAGE zone:

Plastic container | CLAS OHLSON

Plastic container | CLAS OHLSON

Wire basket | GRANIT


Lower level is ideal for storing heavy items and fresh food, which you can easily see and control the quality:

  1. glass jars with pasta, rice, cereals, oatmeal;

  2. store fruits in separate containers to keep them fresh;

  3. store vegetables in separate containers.


Everyday kitchen electronics that can be stored downstairs in FOOD STORAGE zone: