Professional organizing is a new service. I want to tell you what professional organizers do and how Organized Finn can help you. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us via email, phone or social media.


Professional organizing

Who is professional organizer?

PO is an educated professional

Do I need the services of professional organizer?

There is plenty information how to get organized. But sometimes people simply do not have time, and want to outsource their projects, like:

  • ongoing moving to a new home;
  • sorting out home after a serious change in life;
  • too much clothes/books/papers/toys;
  • new kitchen or wardrobe organization.

A professional organizer can help. Together, we can design a plan for organizing your home. Get a fresh ideas from a professional organizer and help to solve your project problem.

Our services

How will I use your Home&Office services?

Chaos and disorder can easily settle in our homes. Cabinets and shelves in the kitchen, toys in the kids' room, dresses and jeans kept for years in wardrobes, little things in the hallway, “whatever-you don’t-need” in the garage, old and most likely unnecessary documents in the living room.

  • Sorting out is the first stage. We will together go through the things and sort out.
  • KEEP | SELL/DONATE | GET RID OF. Together with the client we will find to which category each item belongs to.
  • Installing new organizing set-up. PO listens to the client and prepares the new organizing set-up for the space, and personally puts things according to this set-up.

The information about client's project is available online 24/7 in a special private account. Check a .pdf example here.

How will I use your moving services?

Moving is a physically difficult process. You may especially need help when you move into a smaller house. Too many things will not be able to fit into a new place, and sorting possessions is the only solution.

  • Sorting out is the first stage. We will together go through the things and sort out.
  • KEEP | SELL/DONATE | GET RID OF. The client decides which things he wants to save, to sell or donate.
  • Preparing for packing. Organized Finn helps to prepare things for packing in a way that is convenient for the client to find and pack the necessary item easily.
  • Installing a new organizing set-up. My company will help prepare a new organizing set-up for all the rooms and spaces in your new home, designed according to your life-style. I will place every item into its place in your new home.

How will I use your DIY plans?

DIY plan is an excellent choice when you want to make the project yourself but feel the need of the professional assessment.

  • A 60 minute visit of your space. I will visit your home for if you live in the areas of service (except for Stockholm). If you live outside - we can use Skype, messengers or videos and photos to get the overview of the project.
  • A design plan of the new organizing set-up. 7 days for a single room, and 14 days - a plan for the whole home. The plan includes analysis of the project and our goals, a design of the cabinets interior and contents, a list of items you will need to buy, recommendations and schedule on how to proceed with the project. The DIY plan will be available to download and also will be assessable 24/7 through a link for 3 months.

How will I use your workshops services?

I work with audiences who want to know more about organizing their home spaces - offices, wardrobes, kitchens, children rooms, garages. In a relaxed atmosphere I will make a presentation about the topic the client decided and after that I am ready to answer your questions.

Can I purchase your services for my relative/friend?

Yes, definitely you can. We can offer gift cards that will be used by your friend or relative. But please inform him or her that you want to make such a gift - professional organizing is a service of consciousness.


How much does the service cost?

Please check the current prices for HOME&OFFICE, MOVING, DIY PLANS, and WORKSHOPS.

Can I get the household deduction?

In Finland, you are entitled to a 50% deduction of household allowance for the service of a professional organizer. The reduction can only be obtained from the actual work - not the travel or material costs that may be required. Also, please note that eg home consultation and moving / transportation services are not a job that entitles you to a household reduction. Further information: Verohalinto